Category: Events Catering


Mainhall is a location selection service for any event. There are more than 300 locations.


FEDORIV Hub is a space in the heart of Kyiv that is being transformed and adapted to fit any format: presentations, conferences, lectures, parties, project launches, training, and corporate events.


ART PRYCHAL is the perfect combination of creative locations with access to the Dnieper. You will have more than 1500 square meters of space that you can use to organize the event.


VSI. SVOI. LOCATION is a new large creative space in the heart of the city, on the cross of key tourist and business flows of the capital. The 3 floors and 3 large open terraces, which can be rented individually or collectively – offer ample opportunity for comfortable activities of various sizes.

Mayachok Event Hall

Mayachok Event Hall is a modern, stylish venue for events of all sizes and formats. Three spacious halls inside the event hall, a large green lawn and a park area around can accommodate up to 1500 guests.